CONGRATS to Noah who scored 32 on the ACT!

ACE Tutoring and staff made measurable improvements in my son’s ACT score in only 12 sessions. My son enjoyed working with their very capable staff, who taught him tools and techniques and focused on specific areas of concern. Steve was upfront and transparent as to expectations, provided advice on test sites, and provided a quality service. Best of all the proof was in the results with a score my son can be proud of. We wholeheartedly recommend ACE Tutoring Carlsbad!

~ Candice S.

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Congrats to Enzo on his acceptance!

My son has attended ACE tutoring all 4 years of High School and achieved a 3.9 overall GPA. Which is quite an accomplishment for a student with dyslexia. This program has taken the anxiety and worry concerning his academics off my shoulders. The time at ACE tutoring has given him great time management tools, sometimes just completing assignments and other sessions getting very structured test preparation. Allowing my son to enjoy High School and excel academically. He has been accepted to his 1st choice University and will be studying Aerospace Engineering at SDSU in the fall. Thank you, ACE tutoring, for all the classroom and SAT/ACT support you have given him allowing him to excel and secure a rewarding academic pathway.

~ Jul V.

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With the help of the entire team in San Marcos, but especially Tim the math tutor, my daughter earned an A in Integrated Math 3 at MVHS. This is an accelerated course, as this school is on a 4×4 schedule. She completed the entire year of Math 3 in one semester. It took me a while to bite the bullet and sign up for the tutoring program but I can vouch for this program and say, as a teacher myself, this was worth the time and money. Not only did she get an A in math (first A in high school math) but her confidence soared.

We continued tutoring for SAT/ACT prep and she scored a 24 on her Math ACT and a 35 in Reading!! Overall score was above the 90th %ile. My daughter said, “This was the best decision we made to help her.” She was always happy to go and never once complained about the program or staff. The small groups with individual attention really made a difference. Steve, the owner, was easy to work with and helped us design the perfect program for her. She was accepted into UC Santa Cruz and Cal Poly SLO, her top two choices. She was also accepted into seven other schools, every school she applied to! She even wrote one of her UC essays (overcoming a challenge) about going to tutoring for help after struggling with B’s and C’s in math for two years on her own. She completed her senior year with straight A’s. Our 2020 grad was offered multiple academic/merit scholarships (over 75K) from several schools (Willamette, Santa Clara, Northern AZ Univ) and she received a $1000 merit scholarship from her high school. Steve assured me that our investment in a tutoring program would be an investment in her future, he was right! Sending her to ACE tutoring was the right choice for us.

~ Carol N.

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Dear Steve Eggers,

Thank you for your unending support towards my family. Thanks to Ace Tutoring I improved my grades in my junior and senior years, I graduated with honors and ranked in the top 3% of San Marcos High School’s Class of 2015.

Ace Tutoring taught me to admit my misconceptions in a topic, to carry an academic discussion with my teachers, to be confident enough to ask questions. Ace Tutoring taught me the skills that are essential in college, work, social interactions and higher level education. Ace Tutoring taught me how to be a scholar.

I am currently studying Biology in the University of California, Santa Barbara. It is now more than ever that I am grateful for the above stated skills. Being called upon by a professor – a recurring event in my classes- for my insight is no longer an overwhelming occurrence. I would not have approached this situation with such ease prior to my physics chats with Tim, my tutor. I would not have been able to keep up with my readings had Diana not thought me how to read appropriately. My writing would not contain the quality of a college essay without Carol’s numerous critiques and tips. I would not be who I am today without Ace Tutoring. Thank you for giving students like me access to Ace Tutoring.


– Noemi Quinones

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June 4, 2014

Dear Steve Eggers,

While growing up, I often found myself standing on the sidelines as I overheard many of my instructors (and so-called experts) doubted my learning potential and proclaimed that I was both “academically challenged” and “a slow learner”.

This is turn created an internal struggle, a struggle that pinned my academic abilities, Cliché?
Perhaps. Nonetheless, it was such a powerful internal conflict that I found myself doubting my own abilities many times. There was even a point where I was so afflicted even my teachers noticed. In 8th grade, I even overheard a conversation between my middle school teacher and school psychologist where they described my academic potential as “limited” due to my short term memory loss diagnosis. I was destined to be another statistic: a high school dropout.

I felt hurt…shot down…betrayed, betrayed by the very system and officials that were presumably there to help me overcome these academic struggles. At first, I fell into dismay and almost accepted the idea that “they [the psychologist and teacher] were both right.”

Needless to say, I fell into a slump. A dump, frustrating slump.

Yet, it wasn’t until I walked into ACE Tutoring, that my broken spirit was uplifted. ACE Tutoring helped me from accepting defeat to saying “No, they are wrong!” ACE Tutoring helped me refuse to accept the notion that negative assumptions and theories from “professionals” could control my life. In fact, ACE Tutoring gave me the confidence I need to come to the conclusion that, I am the only one with the ability to control my own academic success.

Thus, it was you Steve, who gave me the critical epiphany that I needed. You were the spark that empowered my aspiration to not just “catch up” but excel…in an environment that had pretty much given up on me. You were always there making sure that my grades were not just adequate but above average. As well as, you were always concerned about my well being which always reassures me that someone always had my back.

Therefore, I write this letter in sincere gratitude because you gave me a second chance to accomplish a dream that I believed wasn’t possible to reach four years ago. I know if it wasn’t for you I would not be where I am today. Hence, I am privileged to call you a mentor and friend for the tremendous impact you had made in my life.

Thank you again


– Oscar-Elvis Arce

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My experience at ACE Tutoring was great. I started out as an average student with C’s and B’s. Now I’m improving on my math and reading. ACE Tutoring helped me if I had a question on a worksheet or if I needed to study for a test. What I can say now is that without ACE Tutoring I wouldn’t be getting the good grades I am and succeeding in school.

– Dan, 8th Grade

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Dear ACE Tutoring,

We are writing this letter to thank you for all the wonderful help you have given our family. When Allison started your program, she was showing signs of struggling with the transition from fifth grade to middle school. Since then she has mastered several levels in her math program and is confidently mastering the concepts presented both in school and at ACE Tutoring.

Besides increased skills and confidence in math, Allison has also gained key study skills to help her in other subjects, such as science.

We appreciate all that you have done to help provide our daughter with the tools she needs to succeed in middle school and beyond.

– Carl T, father of 7th grader

ACE Tutoring helped me improve my SAT math score by 90 points and my science subject test by 70 points. They also helped me achieve a 28 on my ACT. This helped me get accepted to Drexel University and put me in the standardized test range for most of the other schools I applied to. Thanks to the awesome tutors at ACE Tutoring!

– Rachel, 12th grader