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The landscape of traditional education is fraught with pitfalls for our children. Picture a “traditional classroom” which now may consist of 35 or more children of similar age, yet with different backgrounds, needs, and goals. While we understand the limitations in schools due primarily to all the budget cuts, we shouldn’t be passive observers of the negative effect this has on the academic progress of our children. No longer can we expect the stressed system and educators to carry the burden of trying to reach too many students under the constraints of limited resources. 

In a typical classroom full of children with differing learning styles and academic strengths and weaknesses, teachers often struggle to effectively guide the students of various needs. Even if the class consists of just 20 to 25 students, there will invariably be a student who requires special attention in order to prevent distraction to the rest of the classroom. What if several students require a great deal of attention? The reality is that it is virtually impossible in today’s environment for teachers to give students the individual attention they need and deserve. Children are much more likely these days to “fall through the cracks,” become bored or discouraged, or “act out” in the classroom in order to gain attention.

This is the critical point at which parents seek help from outside sources such as learning centers. Sometimes, reacting to an existing problem is not enough. Ideally, as parents, we should anticipate the challenges our children will face and proactively seek support to prevent the challenges from becoming problems. 

Traditional tutoring has been seen as a source of remedial instruction for students who have fallen behind in school. At ACE Tutoring, we consider ourselves to be providers of “supplemental education.” Our goal is to supplement the education that children are receiving in the traditional school system. We work on a cooperative basis with the schools and ensure that students receive all of the individual attention they need to succeed. In fact, ACE Tutoring embraces the movement into Common Core Standards and incorporates these skills into the curriculum. While we often help students at a remedial level, we also provide supplemental education to enhance children’s academic skills at all levels.

These days, supplemental education has become a necessity for many college-bound students. At ACE Tutoring, we help students maximize their academic potential and become highly successful in school. To enter the colleges of their dreams, even advanced students benefit from academic coaching in order to maintain their high GPA’s and earn competitive scores on their ACT and SAT exams. 

ACE Tutoring programs are customized for students of various levels from gifted to special needs students. Our students receive individualized tutoring from our staff consisting of talented and experienced professionals trained to fill in the “gaps” in your child’s education and motivate them to succeed in school. We don’t limit our support to specific academic subjects. We also teach important learning skills including time management and test taking strategies. Enrolling students in the right tutoring program can be one of the best decisions parents can make to help their children succeed in school…and ultimately in life! Feel free to call us to discover how we can help your child fulfill their dreams.